Sunday Service

We have one worship service that takes place from 10:00am to approximately 11:30am. Most of the worship service is in English, but every Sunday we have a French translator for the whole service (excluding songs). To listen to the French translation, just pick up a set of headphones when you enter the church. Bibles are also available in English, French, and German if you don't bring your own.


If you haven't been to TICOS before, this is what you can expect during the service:

Please dress as you feel comfortable.

A typical service will begin with a time of worship through song, ranging in style from contemporary to old favorites.

Then, we have a time of worship through open prayer, which is when the congregation has an opportunity to spontaneously pray out loud.

We also have worship through giving, during which people can give money to God's work at TICOS as they feel led to do so.

We have a special time of prayer when it's time for the children to go to Sunday School/Children's Ministry. They are called up to the front as a group, and then one of the Sunday School teachers prays for them before they go to their lesson.

Finally, we have the message.


On the first Sunday of the month, we also celebrate communion together. This may take place before or after the message. During communion at TICOS, anyone who is a believer in Christ may participate. We have two cups of wine and two baskets of bread at the front of the church, and as people are ready to take communion, they may line up to do so, dipping a piece of bread in the cup of wine.

After the service, most people stay to have a chat and catch up, so please stick around! There are refreshments available, and plenty of people to talk with. Also, we need to pack up the materials from the service, so many people pitch in to pick up chairs and take down sound equipment during this time.

On the last Sunday of every month, we have a Church potluck directly after the service. Everyone is invited to stay, even if they didn't bring a dish—there's always enough to go around!

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